Alphabet encourages a practice it calls ‘social eating’. We prefer anti-social eating ourselves – gobbling down a roast alone in the bath – but here, in the form of numerous small plates you and your comrades can pluck at, it’s a joy. Champions in this field are the confit duck pastilla (£7) and the seared shell- off king prawns (£12). “Heaven!” you squawk, demanding that the kebabs be brought to the table. Here, it’s a toss-up between the monkfish and the lamb (both £15), but the lamb clinches it for containing something called ‘lazy wife spice’. Accompanied by a beetroot-infused daiquiri entitled ‘The Beetnik Hemingway’, it’s an evening of singular delights

Alphabet Islington restaurant review


Soho’s loss is Islington’s gain, and, with a party playlist, enough open space for several dancing elephants and bartenders that actually like to see you get drunk, we doubt “Alphabet” will stay as innocent as the name suggests…

EAT HERE… Alphabet Bar

Alphabet is a great new addition to Upper Street, there’s a fun, relaxed vibe and the cocktails are original and standout.

Head there for a fun night out, and for a reminder of what makes London so special.

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The menu is drenched in home-cooked Moroccan memories from head chef Yaz Khadiri… and an impressive cocktail list (13 classics with a twist, 13 inventions. We’ve just found your new local.”


When it comes to BarChick’s ABCs, it’s pretty simple: Always Buying Cocktails… Now we’ve got more reason to splash the cash as Alphabet Bar arrives in Angel.

Alphabet: An A-Z Of Delicious Dishes in Angel

… the menu is filled with delicious treats that show these guys really know their stuff when it comes to producing sharing plates worth salivating over.


Alphabet’s moist confit duck pastilla with tzatziki, and tender grilled squid with Levantine spices are ‘F’ for fine.

A, b, c, d, eeek! The re-launch of Alphabet bar

Introducing the re-vamp of Alphabet, a restaurant not only with a super cool name, but an extra cool idea at its helm.

Sacrifice Netflix for a night (I know, it’s hard) and get yourself to Alphabet for a night of beats, Mediterranean sharing plates and 26 alphabet-based cocktails.

Alphabet has the potential to attract an ardent following. It’s got a sufficiently hip atmosphere, with distressed wood floors, white brick walls, an aqua-blue back bar and an abundance of graphic art. It’s also got great food – a range of Mediterranean sharing plates created by chef Yaz Khadiri. But what truly sets it apart is its drinks selection.

This week we tried… Hide & Seek cocktail – featuring pistachio & macadamia shrub: Shrubs are having a moment. A shrub is a drinking vinegar, usually made by preserving fruit syrup with vinegar, but at newly opened Alphabet in Islington, London, the net is cast wider.

NEW BAR SPY… Alphabet Bar Returns With New Menus And A New Angel Location.

Alphabet, Upper Street’s newest cocktail bar and restaurant, brings its fresh take on bottomless brunch to Islington this Autumn.

“Whether you’re looking for a Mediterranean feast or a new take on your favourite cocktail, Alphabet has you covered in a stylish, upbeat setting.”

“A flavoursome addition to the Upper Street pack – and more of a welcome Nineties comeback than the Backstreet Boys or Steps.”